"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family
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"Aakriti" - Experience Living and Travelling with an Indian Family
Indian Cooking Holidays

What we offer at explorIndya Aakriti is a themed cooking holiday.

Everything we eat affects our body and mind; therefore food should be pure, from nature and balanced.

This formed the basis of the 4000-year old origins of Indian cuisine in our ancient civilization along the Indus Valley. Indian cuisine, with its ancient ayurvedic traditions, has however evolved and has become richer with the assimilation of myriad influences over these centuries by various rulers and travelers, both foreign and domestic

We encompass these significant influences over these centuries and have packaged a unique culinary experience that showcases cuisine styles that have had the most significant influence over Indian cuisine, dating as far back as 600 B.C

Our themed cooking holiday begins with the influence of Jainism and Buddhism on vegetarianism in India in 600 B.C. We maintain a fully vegetarian theme during this cooking holiday as we showcase the immense variety in this form of cuisine and the health benefits as a result. Logically we begin this experience with simple, easy to prepare Rajasthani cuisine

Use of grains proliferated from 400 B.C. under the Buddhist Kings of the north. A fine example of the use of grain is in the creation of ‘parathas’, a typical Indian flat bread. We introduce you to the vast variety of options available in creating the Parathas of Delhi. Moving on, we shift focus to the Steam of the South; South Indian cuisine made popular by the great kings during 1200 A.D. Here you explore their repertoire in creating steamed delicacies that are not only very light, but also filled with good health!

Mughals and the invading muslim rulers from Persia and Mongolia brought about a significant and lasting influence to north Indian cuisine, especially cuisine from Kashmir, between 1200 to 1800 A.D. Better known as ‘Mughlai’ this style of cuisine combines nuts and dry fruits, aromatic spices and the exotic saffron to create exotic curries and rice in the uniquely Mughal procedure called ‘Dum.’

We give you a complete and comprehensive culinary experience while never forgetting our environmental and social responsibilities to our local region. Hence you will be part of this entire experience that begins with a personal selection of fresh organic vegetable and fruit produce from the local farmers market, selection of specific spices required and then the final hands-on cooking experience under the skill and guidance of your chef and professional nutritionist, Renu and her husband Ravi.

Renu has had over 30 years of experience is preparing and serving Cuisine from all parts of India. She hails from Rajasthan where people are known to appreciate good food served piping hot to offer a tantalizing effect on the taste buds.

Ravi has a passion for baking. Visitors to our place are spoiled by his Fresh Baked Brown Breads as well as rolls. He has a sweet tooth himself and he lends this to all our visitors by preparing mouth watering Indian ice creams and desserts.

Together, what they offer is a complete culinary delight where you get a wholistic insight into Indian Cuisine..

How we go about our Cooking Sessions is that we would like to involve you in the process as much as possible.

We will drive to the local market and procure the vegetables that we will need for the meal that day and this will give you an insight into how the vegetable trading economy of the area functions and also give you fresh produce to work with to prepare a meal.

We will then devote a half day to the exercise of food preparation where you will prepare a complete Indian Meal of your choice. The types of meals will be structured in such a way that the ingredients used will be easy for you to procure once back in your home country and the dishes will be the kind of dishes that are simple yet nutritional and the type of dishes that you will have no problems with if you were to invite friends over to a meal at your home for an Indian themed Dinner.

We have been doing this for many years now and we have had visitors who have come who are even Culinary Reviewers for well acclaimed guides such as the Michelin Guide  (www.michelinguide.com). They have rated the Culinary Experience at Aakriti on the criteria of the mastery of flavor and cooking as well as the personality of the cuisine.

But for the fact that the Michelin Guide does not operate in India and the fact that we are not a running restaurant, the reviewers have told us that the cuisine here at Aakriti can be awarded a 3 Star PLUS recognition.

This is the same cuisine that you will get to taste and get to learn whilst here with us at explorIndya-Aakriti…..


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